Introducing Your Cat to RV Travel

Rosie the cat outdoors on a leash as she acclimates to RV travel

When we retired, we knew we wanted to travel. But we impeded stumbling a road block- what about our sweet cat Rosie? We didn’t want to leave her behind while we sprayed off to some exotic end! Deciding on an RV lifestyle and introducing a “cat-o-nine-tail” to RV travel was easier than we reckoned!

Cat with a collar and leash sitting in a carrier with man crouching behind introducing the cat to RV travel

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How We Travel Full Time with Our Cat

We spent a couple of years researching and planning how we would live our lives when we retired. Travel was always part of the scheme, but we couldn’t imagine lead our sweet Rosie behind. Enter the RV lifestyle!

We could hurtle the continent in the ease of our own dwelling, modification our place whenever the implore took us, eat healthy dwelling cooked dinners and, best of all, take Rosie with us.

There are many different types of RV’s to consider, and ousting all of your belongings down to fit in the RV of your selection is not an easy thing to do. But it was the boulevard to adventure that seemed to fit us best! And so we set about introducing our cat to RV travel.

Rosie the cat outdoors on a leash as she acclimates to RV travel Cats Enjoy The Outdoors, Too

When we lived in a house, Rosie enjoyed exploring outside when we could watch her. We wanted to encourage that type of adventure on the road, but we also needed to keep her safe. There were too many scenarios where she could get lost or match critters that have been able to hurt her, like rattlesnakes.

We tried various harness but the selection board had thin buckles and she writhed out. Then we discovered the Cat Walking Jacket. It is substantial fairly that she has a very hard time wiggling out of it formerly it is snugly accommodated to her body.

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We too required a rein with some forgiveness. When working a regular six paw rope, if she got scared and bolted, she smacked the end of the leash hurriedly, and came even more scared. We spotted a bungee-style leash that allows for a softer landing when she got startled.

Rosie the cat outdoors on a leash as she acclimates to RV travel Hans walking Rosie the cat on a leash in a pet friendly campground while they travel in an RV Introducing A Cat to RV Travel

Cats can be easily leash taught as kittens, but an adult cat become even more prudent. Over time, Rosie’s confidence has grown on the harness and rope. And it took us eight months have known that we don’t march Rosie. She ambles us.

Rosie opts sticking close to protective objects such as vehicles or shrubs, as opposed to wide open spaces. Strolling her requires a lot of patience, because she regularly stops to observe happens for a while. I’ve come to see it as a meditative knowledge, moving slowly along and scrutinizing everything closely!

Our RV is a 5th pedal trailer which we gather with our truck. On travel daytimes, I make Rosie outside for a walking before we leave because it cultivates off some of her intensity and procreates for a calmer kitty-cat during the ride.

Rosie goes in the truck with us and usually meows a bit at the beginning of the go. She wears her harness and we keep the leash handy so we can snap it on before we open the doors and she has a chance to scoot out.

Her cat carrier is also in the truck with us, just in case of emergencies. I go with a cat bed on my lap and she lays there most of the time.

Rosie the traveling cat riding in the truck and acclimating to RV travel Making the RV Cat Friendly

One of the biggest challenges to RVing with a cat is where to make the garbage carton! Some RVers kept it in the shower; some specify a cabinet for the box and chipped a hole in the door. It could go in a corner of the bedroom or in the closet.

We were fortunate that our RV had enough room between the two recliners for a litter box cabinet. Multi-purpose functionality acquires every time in a small living space!

Rosie the cat with her litter box cabinet traveling in an RV

We too struggled to keep Rosie from shredding the furniture in the RV. Everyone knows felines love to scratch, but double-sided anti-scratching tape continued Rosie from scratching in inappropriate places. You can be found in on the chairs in the photo above.

Giving her a small scratching platform and creating a cat scratching wall by stapling a small rug to the end of a kitchen cabinet uttered Rosie plenty of space to work her claws.

Successfully Traveling with a Cat

Living and traveling in an RV with a cat make some proposing and ability, but every bit of endeavour has paid off. We are all experiencing this lifestyle in the solace of our own dwelling on motors. Living the living standards of our fantasies and sharing it with our very best buddy, Rosie- what could be better than that ?!

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